Alternavites Multivitamina e Mineral Crystals 30 Pacotes


Alternavites Multivitamin and Mineral Crystals – 30 Packets

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Multivitamin and Mineral Crystals — 30 Packets. Unlike typical vitamins that may be hard to swallow, alternatives is easy to take Melts in your mouthDelicious with no after tasteNo water or preparation necessaryPerfect for those on the goNo artificial colors or preservativesContains no animal products or by-products0 grams of sugar Developed by a vitamin industry insider who never took vitamins because she couldnt swallow pills, alternaVites is a multivitamin & mineral designed for those who have difficulty swallowing pills and those looking for an easier way to take vitamins. When sprinkled on your tongue, alternaVites melts quickly but leaves a lasting impression on your body. alternaVites is the first step in the goal to make vitamins more accessible for everyone. Now you can keep the vitamins but lose the pills.

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